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Every end is a new beginning :)


- It is not easy being a Master :)

- Be unique; Be yourself: Write your own story...


-Say my name

+Dr. Hamed!

-You are truly a blessed person.


Not only in the lab but also outside like a breakfast!

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Progress meeting, never-ending brainstorm


Dr. Ahmet and Yucel in the Tissue Engineering Lab !

Flow of water in a microfluidic channel made hydrophilic with surface modification !

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Keep in touch even after graduation...


Lover-on-a-chip is forming :)

Be patient!







Seeding cells to the microfluidic devices and then perfusing with culture media! Very exciting!

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Mission is completed:  Routine control by molecular biologist and engineers in the cell culture room. 

Again and again Ceren is busy with 3D-bioprinting by using stem cells ! 

Video showing upper and lower chamber of the microbioreactor representing cultivating two cell monolayers simultaneously 
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